Friday, May 22, 2009

5 minutes

In 5 minutes, my precious darling baby girl peed and puked on our bed.
In 5 minutes, she grew tired of the toy she was playing with and began to whine.
In 5 minutes, I can eat lunch and catch up with a friend on the phone.
In 5 minutes, I can write this blog.
In 5 minutes, I can get ready to go out for the day.
In 5 minutes, I can take a shower and shave my legs.
In 5 minutes, I can make coffee and a bagel with cream cheese.
In 5 minutes, my darling baby girl can become entralled with a tag on a toy rather than the toy itself.
In 5 minutes, my baby girl can crawl backwards and get frusterated because she can't figure out how to crawl forward.
In 5 minutes, my heart melts because I was flashed a HUGE smile and shown contagious laughter from my baby girl.

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