Monday, March 24, 2014

I have a dream

I have a dream...

Yep, MLK spoke these words. But of course because I am a mom, when I hear that phrase I think of the song in Tangled. Go figure.

Anywho, I have a dream. I have had dreams in the past, but this dream has been with me since I was 7 years old. It has only taken me 29 years to take it seriously and go for it.

I have done things I never thought I would do: have kids, run a 5k, get physically fit, and walk 60 miles. But this dream I have has been with me for so long, and yet I haven't achieved it. There were excuses and fear of failure but ultimately it just hasn't gotten done. It's time to change that.

So tip #1 on achieving your dream: make it public. Hold yourself accountable.


This week, I am focusing on achieving dreams. I will be writing about some amazingly talented women who have reached their dreams. At the end of the week, I will reveal my dream, 29 years in the making.

Since I have a background in the arts, I have been blessed to know some amazing artistic women who are living their dreams. they have persevered and toughed it out and have incredible products to show for it. I am going to write a short list, but to be honest, I could list over a hundred of my close friends and how they have followed their dreams.

So sit back, enjoy, and discover some new amazing musicians, artists, and writers...

First person up: 
Her name is Elizabeth McQueen. Elizabeth is an amazing musician and singer. She is a mom of two kids and a real cool chick. We grew up together in high school, performing in choirs and shows together, clinging to the first soprano notes that were set aside for us in the songs. She was better at harmony and intrinsically and naturally a better singer. But I was never jealous, I admired her natural ability. She is tall and I am short, she has curly hair, I have straight hair, but we valued music and had fun with it. Recently, I listened to a podcast where she discussed how she discovered what her dream was. She discussed her life in high school and how one song changed her outlook on life and who she was meant to be. (Check the podcast out here: the second half is Elizabeth)

Over the years, we lost touch but I would occasionally hear of her struggles in the music biz and her many successes. When I joined Facebook, we reconnected and I experienced all that I had heard of her. She is no longer singing "Eleanor Rigby" in Show Choir with me. Instead, she is a Rockabilly, Jazz, Country, Blues singer. In other words, she sings what she wants to; and she does it very well. She has performed with the likes of Willie Nelson, and the "King of Texas Swing", Ray Benson. She traveled the country as the lead female vocalist of the acclaimed Western Swing band, Asleep at The Wheel. in 2009, she was nominated for a Grammy for the album "Willie and The Wheel".  Recently, she teamed up with Brothers Lazaroff, an awesome soul and folk band and released her fourth album, The Laziest Remix.  So congrats to you, Elizabeth for following your dreams, being an AWESOME mom to your two adorable girls and an inspiration to me.

I have a dream series:

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