Thursday, February 24, 2011


In my house, my daughter, son and I have been sick for some time now with wicked colds.. so we have been hunkering down inside. It's finally starting to warm up again so I am hoping ot get outside with the kiddos soon.

Trying to find ways to pass the time with a toddler and baby has been hard and some days I'm just not motivated to do it.

Yesterday, we had a very eventful day. My daughter attempted potty training : FAIL, but that's ok we will try again. I made chili in the crock pot, and Lily and I did a science experiment with baking soda and vinegar. The problem is, it lasted only a couple of minutes because you can't really have a conversation about the scientific process with a two year old. Sigh. We also made carrot snack sticks and Lily paticipated in the cooking a little more than usual.

I decided that today I would make carrot ginger soup in the crock pot and use my new immersion blender to puree it.. so that is the activity for me later today. Lily is wearing her Christmas dress and pretending to be Princess Lily. She is really cute! 

Ok, here's the question for today.... Does anyone have a husband with the metabolism of a 14 year old boy? I made Chili last night in a 5 1/2 qt crockpot, my husband had 4 servings over rice. 4 SERVINGS! I had one... we did have some left over but there should have been more, right? Oh and then he ate 1/2 a bag of chips when he got back from the gym. I am trying to save us money,  but it's difficult when my hubbie eats so much... and on a side note has to TRY to gain weight- argh.  Any ideas of ways to fill him up without going broke?
I love you honey!

Start again....

I have been thinking of relaunching a new blog and starting all over, but I kinda like the name of this one, so I'm just going to restart this one...
Since my last post, I have had a second child, a son, who is now 3 1/2 months old. I also have a daughter who is almost 2 1/2 years old. My goal was to have the blog looking beautiful before relaunching it. But let's be honest. I have two kids and the computer with the fun images is downstairs. And every time I try to get on it in the presence of my daughter, she takes over. So, I'll try to get images and pretty stuff up soon. In the meantime you will have to read my words alone.

So what is this blog going to be about? Well, everything. The beauty is I can write about what I want to write about when I want to write about it. If it interests you, great. If not... that's ok too.

I hope to post book reviews (children's and adult books) recipes,money saving ideas,  fun links, interesting stories, accomplishments and failures, goals and dreams and whatever else drifts into my brain. 

I hope you enjoy it.. if there is something you want me to write about, let me know...