Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Honesty is the best policy

Let's be honest.
It's January 4th. I have one New Years Resolution that I want to keep. I want to save $5000 this year in groceries and health and beauty items. So far so good. I saved over $60 at CVS the other day.
The other "resolutions" I have made is to keep on top of the house better and maybe get a part time, in-house job.
But let's be honest. I have two young children. I have little patience for much beyond them. I feel accomplished when laundry and dishes are done. I feel accomplished when my kids are fed, clothed and behaving somewhat ok. (The three year old has been challenging that accomplishment recently).  And so, today when it is 16 degrees outside and I don't want to leave the house, I am ok with that. For today. The laundry is almost done. The dishes are half completed. My kids have been fed, and clothed. They have not napped today therefore the behavior component is questionable. But you can't have it all.

As for this blog, maybe I'll write again, maybe I won't. I'm being honest. I'm currently being fed "tea" by my three year old daughter and therefore being interrupted quite frequently. It is difficult to write.

Anywho, I have dreams of loving my current abode and organizing it so much that I am happy with the current amount of space we have. I have dreams of being a put-together super mom. One who does educational things with her children everyday and blogs about it. One who looks like I popped out of "My Style Board" on Pinterest. But let's be honest. I didn't shower nor change out of my ultra comfy clothes until 1pm today. My kids have been playing with their toys that Santa went overboard on buying and I'm ok with that. As for educational insight for my children: My 3 year old daughter started a new responsibility chart today. I'm hoping it will keep her in her room and quiet during quiet/nap time. Again, I could have created quiet time activities for her room, but let's be honest. I still have to do the dishes and finish the laundry. And then it will be time to make dinner.  And then I will have to do the dishes again.

Oh one more honest thing: I HATE DISHES!!!!!!!



  1. Don't you have a dishwasher?? If not, tell Jan to buy one!!

  2. yeah I do. it is just sooooooooo monotonous to unload and load it everyday. 2-3 times a day....