Monday, May 23, 2011

Ode to my son....

Today, I'm writing about my son, Dylan. He is 6.5 months old and adorable. OK I know I'm biased.... but really,he is adorable. I'm going to write about him today because I usually write about my daughter and frankly,  D-Man deserves some blog time too. He's adorable. Have I mentioned that? No, really, look :

The super chubby cheeks, the tuft of hair on top of his head, the supremely kissable lips and those gorgeous, flirtatious blue eyes. Yes I know I'm gushing. But, I'm his mom, I'm allowed to. He's such a good-natured baby too. He's generally super happy with a laugh that is infectious.I also love how he coos and grabs my face. He is SUPER ticklish and his smile is BEAUTIFUL! He is also a super eater! He eats everything but green beans. (seriously, the boy is 19 lbs already- my arms are looking very muscular these days) ) Yes, I know he is only 6 months old. But again, I am his Mom and I am allowed to gush.

He LOVES his older sister, and his face lights up hen he sees her. Jan, my husband, and I think that Lily will steamroll him when they are older, but that Dylan will hold his own in his own way.

So there you go. My D-Man, Little Buddy, My Gummy Bear, I love you so.


  1. He's so tenderhearted and I just love all the pics you guys post so eventhough I can't make it out there as often as I'd like, I still feel connected! I hope one day D man and Olivia can frolick in the dandelion patches together. =)

  2. Very, very sweet. Dylan and those big blue eyes will charm many a lady ....

  3. Hillz, when Dylan and Olivia get married, can we sit on the same side of the aisle?