Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mental Floss

I am in need of some major mental floss... I feel as though I have a million ideas floating in my head and no energy or time to execute. I have been dreaming of a completely organized house lately. One where every toy has a nice organized place to go, not the gigantic pile that grows daily in our living room. Something that incorporates nice storage like this:

( I copied this from, I tried to find the original source to give credit but I couldn't find it)

A note about this: I don't want these colors, after all the room will also house the computer and tv that my husband will watch after the kids go to bed.

I also like this:

This picture is from : Marcy Penner

Do you see a theme here?  

And I want an organized kitchen. And an organized laundry/storage area. And I want the dishes to be done for more than 5 minutes. And the laundry to be done for more than 10 minutes. And I want to write and do crafts and cook and read and sleep...  Is that too much to ask for in a 24 hour day? I guess so.... maybe if I have another cup of coffee....


  1. This is totally doable if you break it up into stages. And once the organization is established, it makes maintenence easier since everything will have a home. But it is hard as your kids are this young. I know you can and will have all your dreams come true...if not now, when they're both in school all day. :)

  2. Thanks... yes.. one day when they are in school.