Saturday, May 3, 2014

Time marches on

Whew I have been busy! And tired. The kids and I have been sick with allergies, asthma and colds. We are a general snotty, hacking, mess.  But it is Spring FINALLY, so I can't complain. It seemed as though winter lasted forever this year. I officially take back complaints of last winter and its' lack of wintry weather. We're good, Mother Nature. Really we are.

I also finished my class for getting my Elementary Education Certification reinstated. It is an important step for me to become gainfully employed in the fall. I am in limbo now, just waiting, for the open hiring season to begin, and official approval of my certificate. I am really looking forward to working full time and having my own classroom again.

I am preparing for the Listen To Your Mother DC show, which is tomorrow. I am so excited to be surrounded by awesome and talented women for the afternoon. If you want to check out past videos click here:

LTYM videos

There is still time to get tickets! Click here!

I am really looking forward to what the warmer months bring: FRESH FOOD! It is so much easier for me to eat clean and healthier when the produce is bountiful. The sweet and juicy tomatoes, the crisp, earthiness of zucchini, fresh berries and peaches with juices that dribble all over your shirt. Yum.

Here is my wish list/ to do list from now until August:

Play with my kids
Grow something
Read a lot
Prepare for my future classroom
Write a lot
Revamp this site
Make memories with my husband
Enjoy fruits and veggies
Declutter the house
And many many more things.....

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