Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I have a dream part 2

Dreams are but a fleeting moment in time unless they become reality; then they last forever.  I have slowly made my dream a reality but it's time to push forward and make it last...

What do you feel about the statement above? Are dreams fleeting? What is the best way to make them a reality?

Second amazing woman I'd would like to introduce you to: (you can read about the first here)

Mary Curran Hackett, http://www.mchackett.com/

Mary and I went to college together. She is a year older than me and I looked up to her at school, whether she knew it or not. She appeared to be a graceful and gentle woman comfortable in her own skin and confident in her life. If that wasn't true at the time, it didn't matter,  that's what I saw. Throughout college we were involved in various leadership roles together and I enjoyed her friendship and guidance in life.  Recently, we reconnected when she published her first book, Proof of Heaven.  I was in awe. I wrote her and told her how excited to be able to read it. She has been a writer since I have known her and she finally achieved her dream of writing a novel.

The thing that astounded me was that she was able to do it while being a mom to two children. Her method? She didn't sleep for 2 weeks. She punched it out. Her soul spoke to the keyboard and she knocked it out. She knew it was time to focus on the novel she had been wanting to write and so she did it.

And she is doing again with her second novel, Proof of Angels, due in November 2014.
Way to go, Mary!

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