Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Rambling run ons

Since I have recently been cast in the  DC Listen To Your Mother Show, I am becoming more and more aware of the amazing writers that surround me. I have been trying to up my game and just write. But there are times, like last night, when I am all ready to write and nothing that is coherent or meaningful comes out onto the page.

It's frustrating. I am going to try a few new things on this blog, because I can, because it is mine, and we will see what happens.

Dancing With Fireflies, a fun writing blog/web page hosted by my friend, Crysta, has a poetry writing challenge for the week. When I was in high school, I used to fill up composition books with poetry (mainly of teen angst). I loved putting symbolism and imagery to my ordinary thoughts. I remember being in an English class and having to write an existential poem. I had been struggling in the class (mainly because I wasn't reading the required books) and my teacher had lowered expectations of my ability. I felt my inadequacy of writing when my friends in the class were getting A's on papers and I was getting C's. Across my papers were comments such as "rambling" and "run on sentence". (In my senior year, a teacher asked me if I understood English- side note she was a drunk, whom my brother had issues with before and I promptly changed classes to another teacher). I had great difficulty with writing efficiently and succinctly. It wasn't until college when a teacher's assistant helped me that I learned the right way to write a paper for class.  The existential poem I wrote for my high school class made my peers and teacher speechless. I had gotten the assignment on a level higher than anyone else. I had gotten an A+ and my poem was applauded by my teacher, my peers and my parents. I will have to see if I can dig up that poem and post it here.

I digress. My true love is creative writing. I have novels in my head and make believe stories playing through my mind on a regular basis. My father used to write haikus. He loved the efficient and succinct way to write. I would be jealous of that ability later when we would trade haikus and I could never quite get the rhythm he so easily could use in his writing.  But the truth is that was his style, his talent. I am not of that mind, I prefer to ramble, to carry people away in my thoughts. So while I will continue to post about my daily happenings, I hope to post some creative writing pieces as well.

Here is a poem for today:

Child sleeping
illness exiting his body
on a slow march
to another host
Breathing softly,
suck suck of the thumb
tug tug of the hair.
Deep sleep.

What about you? What do you like to write?

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  1. That is really so sweet and gives me thoughts of sweet babies and wanting to snuggle away the sickness. Thanks for taking the challenge!

    Crysta -