Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Counting my blessings

Today I am worn out from my son who is getting his first tooth. He is in a lot of pain and there is not much I can do past Tylenol and Orajel. My daughter has been quite the pistol the last two days as well. But I have to say, I have it really good. I live in a nice house, have a wonderful husband and wonderful children. I have heat and air conditioning, food and a car. The recent tragedy in Japan brought light to my blessings but there is one word that I hate that always brings my blessings forward.

When I was younger, a teen, and had a fear of commitment with relationships, I had a sign that my friend had made that said something like "the 'c' word is not a bad word." In my case, I was talking about commitment. But everyone who read it thought it meant 'cancer' and were confused.

I digress. The word I hate is cancer. In my family, 7 of my relatives have battled it in one way or another. Currently of those 7, 4 have passed away, 2 are in remission, and only one has active cancer. But it is not my family that has brought my blessings to light today. There are 4 people, my age, who are battling cancer, one I know well, one is the husband of a friend and the others are a couple who are friends of a friend. I don't want this to be a bummer post but I feel the need to write. If this is to much of a downer, feel free to stop reading.

Today I count my blessings that I have a relatively healthy family, that cancer only has grips on one family member currently. That although I felt like crying and running from my children yesterday because of their crying all day, I have truly wonderful children, a loving husband who helped (despite his horrible day) when he got home, a home that keeps us warm and cool and a meal on the table every night.

What are your blessings?


  1. I'm thankful to have friends that know the importance of greatfulness and perspective. So often folks are caught up in material things and brands. You can't take it with you, and certainly won't remember an expensive gift someone gave you, but you'll always remember the wonderful memories you made together and those never go obsolete.

  2. I am thankful to have a daughter who has come back to being a kind, loving and very considerate person. And, a very good friend to her mother!

  3. Tiffany, I'm thankful for our friendship. I've got more blessings than I can count, but I do try to count them all so as not to let them go by unnoticed or unappreciated.