Thursday, March 3, 2011


My son is only 3 1/2 months old. He is going through yet another growth spurt. He is already outgrowing 6 month clothes. By this rate, he'll be wearing my husbands' clothes by his first birthday! Which leads me to a question: My husband eats all day everyday.... (he has a super fast metabolism), how am I going to feed both of them without a) going broke and b) Lily and I not starving from the lack of food in the house because the boys eat it before we get a chance to?  On another note, I think I may buy stock in potato chips since my husband goes through those more than he drinks water.

On another note, my daughter is a very picky eater. But I have discovered that she is on a "shapes" kick. So all of her food is being cut into shapes. Her pita bread with hummus was cut into a train today and her cheese is cut into squares, triangles and hearts. Now if only I could make our dinner into shapes....


  1. Check out my post titled "Muffin Tin". Alaina LOVED when I put different foods in the muffin tin and now she will even ask for it!

  2. Yes, I have tried the bento boxes/muffin tin thing. The only thing is it seems like a waste of a lot of food. But I will check out your blog about it!