Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Spy with my little eye....

A few weeks ago, I stumbled across the idea of I Spy Bottles on  Pink and Green Mama. These bottles are super easy to make and Lily loves them. They are terrific to put in the card and definitely lends to her curiosity and exploration. The first one I made was a simple one with green and yellow lentils and random trinkets found around the house. However, today I made one with a numbers theme. I have discovered that the easiest bottles to use are the Dasani water bottles. The labels come off easily and the plastic is sturdy.

For the Numbers I Spy bottle, I used the leftover Rainbow Rice from a few weeks ago as the filler. I included foam number stickers, dice and a measuring tape that I cut up.  I put all of the items in the bottle and super glued the top on. Then I gave it to Lily who shook it and discovered all sorts of different numbers.
I plan on making an ABC I Spy bottle next. I have ABC shaped pasta for the filler and a variety of different types of letters. I would also like to make an Easter one with plastic grass as filler, but I am having difficulty finding Easter themed objects that are small enough. Perhaps, I will have enough time in the future to make the awesome "key" that was included on the bottle on Pink and Green Mama, but for right now, Lily is enjoying them as is.

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