Wednesday, March 2, 2011

swagger wagon

Pictures will come as I get to them.... sorry for the inconvenience.. I'm doing what I can:)

Well, we are now the proud owners of a Toyota Sienna XLE minivan. I am estatic..... my favorite part? The working key fob. For those of you who don't know, Jan and I have been trying to go for a minivan for the past couple of months. We used to (it feels nice to say that) have a Jeep Grand Cherokee. With both car seats in the back, Jan could no longer fit in the front (he is 6' 2") No really, he turned the car off with his knee while driving on the highway.  I was pushing for a minivan for the convenience sake and Jan eventually agreed and so we embarked on the car hunt.

Now, if anyone knows my husband, you know that him actually purchasing said minivan within 2 months of the decision that we need one is near implausible. To say my husband is analytical would be an understatement. And so, armed with a thick folder and many financing scenarios, we went to the car dealership. Now I honestly did not think we were going to purchase on Sunday. This is my husband after all. It took over a year for him to purchase his current car.  So, I was pleasantly surprised to be able to say buh bye to my jeep.

This weeekend, Lily went to craft class and we did not have a meltdown! She made a crown, mask and necklace.
This morning we attempted to sew. I got quickly creative when the needlepoint canvas' holes were too small for the needle.
She kinda got the idea but liked using the hole punch instead.

What am I reading? I'm reading Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery on my iPad. And Room by Emma Donohue in hardcover. I'm in the beginning of both.... so no comments yet.


  1. A key fob that opens doors for you is the best! Swagger on!

  2. So happy Jan didn't drag it out for you!! Enjoy your van!